Monday 6th January 2020. You, me, the music and half an hour of nonstop oldies (1965).

January 6, 2020

We go back in time in the second hour today as we have half an hour of nonstop oldies from 8:30 through to 9:00. Other than that you, me and the music.

The Commission for the Promotion of Exports (CEFA) approved the issuance of 33 certifications for $ 994,262 to companies that export craft beers, beef, meat offal, beet, sausage and pork chop, raw palm oil, processed chicken (tender, rings and nuggets), eggs and leather.

Patient organizations called on President Laurentino Cortizo to assume responsibility for the tender to build a new headquarters for the Dr. José Renán Esquivel Children’s Hospital .

Three women have the task of deciding the fate of the appeals of the Court of Judgment that on August 9, 2018 declared Ricardo Martinelli not guilty of political espionage.

The adjustment of the minimum wage that will take effect from January 15 registers a greater increase in the transport and construction sectors, and in financial activities such as pawn shops and businesses in shopping centers.

The Ministry of Public Works (MOP) informed that today, January 6, there will be a partial closure on the Pan-American Highway, on the sector of road that is close to the bridge of the Americas.

BOQUETE, Chiriquí. -With a generation of 12 million dollars to the economy of the province of Chiriquí, the Fair of Flowers and Coffee in Boquete becomes very important among all sectors of the region.

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