Monday 6th March 2017. You, me and the music.

March 6, 2017

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The Public Prosecutor’s Office said on Thursday that the Cinta Costera 3 project will be subject to an audit.

Through a statement, the law firm Mossack Fonseca rejected María Mercedes Riaño’s statements and said they would prove through documents that she is “lying.”

The 2017 school year has started and the claims regarding the poor conditions of some schools continues.

Access to Volcán Barú National Park in Chiriquí has been closed due to bad weather in the area.

A collective transport bus with 43 passengers, lost control in the Cienaga Vieja, in Antón, crashing and leaving 15 dead and dozens injured.

The Maritime Authority of Panama (AMP) reported yesterday that it has extended for 72 hours the precautionary warnings directed at smaller boats due to the strong winds and the adverse sea conditions.

With an investment of 46 million 398 thousand 427 dollars, the Techos de Esperanza program of the Ministry of Housing and Territorial Planning (Miviot) is being developed in the province of Los Santos, which benefits more than 12 thousand people in seven districts that for years have lived in improvised houses.

This first Sunday of Lent, the celebration of Jesus Nazareno de Atalaya took place, with a mass officiated by Jose Domingo Ulloa, archbishop of Panama, from 10 in the morning.


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