Monday 6th May 2019. You, me and the music. Oh yes and an Internet rummage.

May 6, 2019

After a hectic weekend of politics as we took part in elections. Today I get a chance to lay back a bit as I take a rummage around both my music collection and the Internet. e.g. An effect called Rayleigh scattering is what makes the sky appear to be blue. Shorter wavelengths of light get absorbed by gas molecules in the air and scattered around the sky. Because of this, the blue light is everywhere you look, and the sky looks blue.

Oh yes we also look at the difference of i.t. and e.g.

The Electoral Tribunal (TE) declared last night as president elect Laurentino Nito Cortizo , flag bearer of the Unitiede parties, made up of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) and the Nationalist Republican Liberal Movement (Molirena).

Laurentino “Nito” Cortizo President elect of Panama.

A few hours before the elections on Sunday, residents of El Chorrillo, in the circuit 8-7, lined up at the XTra supermarket to exchange $ 100 bonuses for different items.

The director of the Social Security Fund (CSS) , Julio García Valarini, promised to present “detailed reports” of all the actions that were undertaken during his administration to improve the attention of users, to the next administrators of the fund.

The drought is continuing in different parts of the country, despite the start of May, when the rainy season traditionally begins.

Ten Panamanian exporting companies will exhibit their products at Seoul Food 2019, the most important commercial showcase in South Korea.

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