Monday 9th May 2022.

May 9, 2022


The report from the Department of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health (Minsa) indicated this Sunday, that in the last 24 hours a death due to Covid-19 has been reported. Therefore, the accumulated number of deaths in the country remains at 8,193, for a lethality of 1%. According to the report, the districts with the highest incidence of cases this Sunday are Santiago in Veraguas, with 88; Penonomé, in Coclé with 81, and Juan Díaz, in the district of Panama with 80. While Bethania and Chitré, in Herrera, registered 55 cases each. According to the entity, this Sunday 7,655 tests were applied to detect those infected, of which 1,615 were positive, due to which a positivity of 21.1% is recorded. While there are 13,336 active cases throughout the country, 13,164 of them are in isolation and 162 hospitalized. Those who are in isolation are divided into 13,136 in their residences and 28 in the so-called hospital hotels. In addition, those hospitalized in the ward are 145 and 17 in the intensive care units.

This weekend, the vaccination process against different diseases continued in several shopping centers in Panama City. This was the case of the conferences held at Los Andes Mall, Soho Mall, Metromall and at the Albrook transport terminal. In fact, this weekend the Ministry of Health (Minsa) launched the “Vacunate Panama Time” campaign, through which it seeks to increase vaccination coverage and immunize the population against preventable diseases.

In the district of San Miguelito, the owners of five commercial premises, which were dedicated to the sale of clandestine lottery, will be fined after a surprise operation carried out this Sunday, by the Municipality of San Miguelito, with the support of the National Charity Lottery (LNB). According to the LNB, the inspections were carried out this Sunday morning in the neighborhoods of Villa Lucre, Cerro Viento, San Antonio and El Crisol.

During the phase of collecting signatures to revoke the mandate of the mayor of the capital, José Luis Fábrega , paid electoral propaganda donated in favor or against the initiative is prohibited, warned Ian Bayless, director of Legal Advice of the Electoral Court (TE ). The official recalled that this case is governed by article 16 of Decree 49 of 2020 of the TE, which details the process of revoking the mandate. Bayless pointed out that “natural or legal persons, either on their own behalf or on behalf of third parties, are prohibited from contracting or donating electoral propaganda, in favor or against the process of recalling the mandate of the mayor of Panama, and to the media. who accept or donate guidelines or time in the same sense”.

Less than a month before the Electoral Tribunal (TE) makes the official call for the 2024 general elections, the President of the Republic, Laurentino Cortizo , sanctioned Law 299 of May 5, 2022, which assigns new numbers to the electoral circuits in the provinces of Panama and West Panama. This implies that, for example, the San Miguelito circuit, known as 8-6, will now be 8-2. On the other hand, 8-6 covers the eastern area of ​​the capital, such as Pedregal, Pacora and Mañanitas. While all of Panama Oeste (8-1, 8-2, 8-3 and 8-5) will now start with the number 13, which designates the province of Panamá Oeste, created by Law 119 of December 30, 2013.

Although the accusation in the United States against the brothers Ricardo Alberto and Luis Enrique Martinelli Linares is for conspiring to launder $28 million in bribes from Odebrecht , the New York prosecutor maintains that the Brazilian contractor disbursed an “additional” $30 million, which was deposited in accounts in euros, managed by the two defendants, for the benefit of the “Panamanian government official” who, in addition, was a “close relative” of both. These additional bribes were received after the banks closed “the dollar accounts” of the Martinelli Linares brothers, concerned about the origin of the funds. In common agreement with Odebrecht, subsequent bribe payments were redirected to other accounts, “through new intermediaries of the Panamanian government official.” Because of this, these $30 million in bribes paid in euros are not part of the US indictment.

notes, signed by prosecutor Breon Peace and assistant prosecutor Alixandra Smith, as well as the directors of the Fraud and Money Laundering and Asset Recovery Sections, Criminal Division, of the US Department of Justice, a conviction of between 108 months (9 years) to 135 months (11 years and 3 months) in prison for Ricardo Alberto and Luis Enrique. The two have already pleaded guilty, in December 2021. The prosecution insists that both defendants have repeatedly shown that they believe they are above the law and that, using their “substantial privileges”, they can avoid bearing the consequences of their actions. “The recommended sentence would make it clear that people like the two defendants, who help elected officials like the Panamanian government official, who cheat and steal from their own people to enrich themselves and profit, will be held accountable for their illegal conduct,” it adds.

The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) suspended the draft restriction for the neopanamax locks based on the current and projected level of Gatun Lake for the coming weeks, according to the statement sent to all shipping agents and users. The draft is the depth that the submerged part of a boat reaches in the water, and the greater the weight, the more draft it requires to be able to navigate. Through a notice dated May 6, the ACP informed its clients that with immediate effect and until further notice, the maximum authorized draft is 15.2 meters or 50 feet for vessels transiting through the Neopanamax locks.

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