Monday news 8th April 2024.

April 7, 2024


The Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama (Cciap) reiterated its call for the country to pay attention to the agricultural and tourism sectors, without uncontrolled measures and with due economic support.

In its weekly letter, the Cciap states that the Panamanian nation must focus on the productivity of the agricultural sector with the purpose of achieving sustainable development, based on the modernization of the producer and sustained efficiency.

Another aspect that the business union highlights is that a policy must be developed that protects sensitive products, in good balance with the import of those that are necessary for the food security of consumers.

“In this way, achieving the generation of jobs in agriculture, but taking care of the price of food for the final consumer, without restrictive policies and obstacles that affect the price of food, and that do not directly benefit the agricultural sector,” it is highlighted in the letter”, stands out in the message.

Likewise, it is proposed that the Panamanian Government “must guarantee the rules of the game and must not take measures without consultation that harm the sector.”

With respect to tourism, the Cciap considers that the Tourism Promotion Fund (Promtur) has positioned itself at the top of mind of the nine priority markets under the tourism brand – finally unified – “Panama Lives for More” .

“This requires a budget 12 months of the year; For this reason, the insistence of our union that it always be assigned what it is entitled to by law and that these funds be sent properly,” says the Cciap.

Likewise, a long-term State policy is required, which transcends governments, in order to give the importance that the tourism sector deserves, which has all the potential to become one of the main generators. of employment.

“Together with Promtur, the Panama Tourism Authority and the private sector we have a crucial role in implementing bold and effective strategies to promote Panama as a safe and attractive tourist destination. Investment in marketing campaigns at a national and international level is essential to convey a clear message. “We must work tirelessly, without interruptions from third parties, to launch initiatives that position our country as an attractive and safe destination.” is reflected in the message.

The Cciap recalled that the preparation of the next presidential debate for the May 5 elections is already underway, which is endorsed by the Electoral Court, and that the recommendations raised in messages like this week’s are a contribution to promote discussions of ideas with height.

This is with the objective of “contributing to informed voting as a way to strengthen democracy and subtract action from the populism of empty promises and unfulfilled executions.”

Two people, including an eight-year-old child, lost their lives this Saturday night, after a shooting at the Elías Villarreal stadium in Monagrillo (Chitré), where a women’s softball game was taking place .

The head of the Herrera Police Zone, Commissioner Lisandro Concepción, confirmed that a 33-year-old adult and an 8-year-old minor died at the scene, after being hit by a gunshot.

He added that five other people were injured with a firearm, including a 12-year-old minor. Additionally, an adult with a head injury is in serious but stable condition, Concepción said.

The authorities began investigations to find him or those responsible for the incident, which has left consternation in the community.

Preliminarily, it was reported that around 9 pm on Saturday several individuals, hooded and wearing dark clothing, arrived in a van, got out and shot at the deceased and in the shooting they also fatally wounded the minor who was nearby. .

Herrera’s homicide prosecutor, Edilma Flores, reported that at the moment there are no arrests and the investigations continue.

The National Police reported that operations are being carried out at the site and surrounding areas in order to find those responsible for the incident.

During a routine verification at the Comprehensive Security and Interdiction Post against Drug Trafficking in the community of Agua Fría, province of Darién, seven packages with illicit substances were located hidden in a bus transporting migrants from Darién to Costa Rica.

According to Deputy Commissioner Kenneth Rodrígez, of the National Border Service (Senafront) , a canine unit, trained in the detection of illicit substances, issues an alert, which is why the vehicle is searched. The search took place on a bus on the Panama-Darién route, in which the seven rectangular packages that were in the upper compartments on the left side were located, inside black bags.

Two people were arrested in the raid, the driver of the vehicle and his assistant. Meanwhile, the authorities are advancing with investigations to clarify the facts.

At the Guabalá Comprehensive Control Post, located in the district of Tolé (Chiriquí), agents of the National Police detained two women in possession of $181,750, police authorities reported this Sunday.

The arrest of these people, who were traveling in a van, occurred during a routine inspection at this checkpoint.

Agents discovered several bales of money, each containing $10,000, as well as two cell phones.

The citizens and the seized items were handed over to the competent authorities to carry out the pertinent investigations.

The Social Security Fund (CSS) plans to begin using Telegram this week to manage obtaining medical appointments in most of the polyclinics in the metropolitan area and San Miguelito.

To implement this strategy, a meeting was held with the personnel who work in the Department of Medical Records and Health Statistics (Reges) of the entity.

This was reported by the CSS in a statement, in which it details that the Telegram fast messaging application will be used to access general medicine and dentistry consultations.

Yelkys Gil, national executive director of Health Services and Benefits of the CSS , explained that the aim is to improve waiting times in obtaining appointments through Reges, as the patient’s gateway to the system.

Telegram is a fast, secure and easy-to-use application that can be used on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops, among other devices.

Among the recurring complaints from policyholders is the time it takes to get an appointment.

So far, the CSS has not detailed which these first polyclinics are, nor has it provided further details about the methodology.

Authorities of the Dr. Luis “Chicho” Fábrega Hospital , in the province of Veraguas, reported that investigations will begin regarding a possible violation of current electoral regulations, due to the use of the public facility where a courtesy room was offered to a political candidate. .

This is a popular election candidate for the mayor of Santiago, Expedito Cortés, from the alliance of the Panameñista Party and Democratic Change.

Saúl Jované, medical director of the Dr. Luis “Chicho” Fábrega Hospital, explained that the company Sicarelle Holding , in charge of cleaning the hospital, requested the use of the conference room of this health facility to carry out training for its staff; However, in said activity the candidate was granted courtesy of the room.

The doctor reported that at no time did the company Sicarelle Holding notify them that they would be providing courtroom courtesy to a candidate of popular election.

Given this situation, the Ministry of Health (Minsa) , through a statement, indicated that it “regrets this inconvenience and reiterates its commitment to remain vigilant and respectful of compliance with the electoral code.”

The Veraguas Electoral Prosecutor’s Office arrived at the Luis “Chicho” Fábrega Hospital to open an ex officio investigation.

The Electoral Code establishes, in section 4 of article 2, that: “ all types of proselytizing or political propaganda activities are prohibited, such as the posting, placement or distribution of advertisements or posters in favor of candidates or political parties in offices, departments and public buildings; as well as the use of emblems, symbols, badges or images of candidates or parties within public buildings.”


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