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Tuesday 19th May 2020.

May 19, 2020



Covid-19 disease has left a total of 279 deaths in the country and 9,726 infected with the virus.This was revealed this afternoon by the Ministry of Health, which also detailed that to date 51,105 tests have been carried out to detect the new coronavirus.

From the early hours of this Monday, the women left their homes to exercise after almost two months, after the health authorities established a quarantine.

The Ministry of the Presidency, questioned about the management of public funds to face the Covid-19 pandemic have published in its transparency tab the expenses of the discretionary expenditure of the President of the Republic.

The recently approved reforms to the public procurement law to establish the figures on a digital platform so that citizens can monitor the general data on the selection of contractors in the different State institutions.

After the second accident in the country was registered due to the fall of a car from the parking lot of a Horizontal Property (PH), members of the Fundación Conciencia Ciudadana presented today, May 18, a draft bill before the National Assembly so that Law 6 of 2006 on urban development is amended.

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