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Thursday 10th February 2022.

February 10, 2022



Sadly due to Internet issues we were unable to link up with Dr Computer Alex. We will move our topic to next week  “Podcasts”. Also apologies for not loading up earlier today as those gremlins were around most of the day.

A special guest in the program in the last hour today, we know him as “JP” and we have a great diversity of topics we can cover. JP is well conversant with crypto currency and not just the working but talks to us as an avid follower and investor, in fact I came away with a much better understanding on the workings and the security of crypto currency. Most importantly with a bit more trust in the currency. But apart from crypto currency another great asset that JP holds and up until now has been a bit of a well kept secret, not intentionally I hasten to add, but sadly a bit bogged down by the unfortunate situation affecting all of us, the pandemic. It is a bit of Las Vegas/Moulin Rouge here in Panama. “Emotions Dinner Theatre”. Listen to JP explain the work that has gone into it, his international entertainers, you can even have your picture taken with Michael Jackson!



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