Thursday 10th May 2018. Panamanian Band Afrodisiaco.

May 10, 2018

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No Tech this week as Alex could not make it (Dr Computer) . Looking at some of the tunes from the year 1971. In the last hour of today’s program we have Tatiana Rios and Luis Mitil from the Panamanian Band Afrodisiaco.

Luis, Tatiana & Gerry

AFRODISIACO is a musical group that takes shape in 2014, but the idea began almost ten years ago as a result of a sociological investigation by the historian Miroslava Herrera with the collaboration of Tatiana Ríos.In 2014 they record their first song “Comes from Panama” (Viene de Panamá), inspired by the play “La dama boba” by Lope de Vega, and in the poem “Visión de Panamá” by Demetrio Korsi. The song fuses the rhythms of the north drum in atravesao, with current elements such as the electric guitar and the spoken word (rap). Go and see them perform at Trama.

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The deputy Yanibel Ábrego , president of the National Assembly, defended the special services hired by the deputies through payroll 172 , which between 2014 and 2018 totaled $127 million .

The judge of guarantees of the Third Judicial Circuit of Panama of La Chorrera, Carlos Fajardo, ordered the provisional arrest of Alex Gómez Sousa-Lennox, driver of the truck that collided head-on with the vehicle of  Ana Karen Pérez , 28 years old, on the  bridge of the Americas on Saturday night, May 5th.

Members of the  Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama held a meeting yesterday with the Minister of the Presidency, Álvaro Alemán, who spoke to them about the possibility of convening a parallel constituent assembly .

The  International Airport of Tocumen, SA which operates the terminal under the model of a private company- informed on Wednesday May 9 that it received five technical and economic proposals for the first phase of construction of the free zone that will be developed adjacent to the cargo terminal.

In the first quarter, the central government obtained revenues of $ 705 million dollars, which reflects an increase of 1.7% with respect to the same period of 2017, informed the  Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) in its preliminary report of the Fiscal Balance of the non-financial public sector.

Cervecería Nacional and its subsidiaries were sanctioned for monopolistic practices, through a ruling of November 30, 2017, by the Third Superior Court of Justice of the First Judicial District of Panama .

Gasoline of 95 octane will increase $ 0.014 per liter or $ 0.05 a gallon, while 91 octane increased $ 0.011 per liter or $ 0.04 a gallon from Friday May 11 and will remain in effect until May 25, 2018, reported the National Secretariat of Energy .

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