Thursday 11th August 2016. Phone security and Samaap.

August 11, 2016

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alexDr Computer (Alex Neuman) with us this morning and one of our topics are the vulnerabilities that have been found with the Qualcom processor with about 900 million Android phones susceptible. Also phone and desktop virus programs.In the last hour today Marva Christie, who talks to us about the upcoming week Aug 14 to 20th in which the

Marva Christie and Gerry

Friends of the West Indian Museum of Panama (SAMAAP ) will be honoring the West Indian Diggers of the Panama Canal, An award dinner will be held on August 20th at The Gran Salon of the Riu Hotel at 7:00 pm to honor Licda. Miroslava Herrera – Writer and Technical Editor for the Amplification of the Canal Program, Dra.. Rosa Maria Britton – Oncologist, Licda. Yomira John – Singer – Songwriter, Actress and Cultural Promoter, and Rev Mario Nicolas, Pastor of the Methodist Church in Rio Abajo, Panama.  Check it all out at

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The Supreme Court has prescribed a complaint against former President Ricardo Martinelli for abuse of authority and other charges related to a visit in 2012 to Bahia Honda in Veraguas in which he allegedly threatened inhabitants in to giving up land to a businessman.

With the installation of the Commission for the Constituent Assembly, the National Bar Association (CNA) begins the path to convene a constituent assembly to draft a new constitution.

Supreme Court Chief Justice José Ayú Prado will preside over a hearing to determine if bank records connected to the company Corporación de Energía del Istmo, Ltd. can be examined as part of the legal process involving the firm Cobranzas del Istmo.

The Association of Medical Specialists of Santo Tomas Hospital gave the government a week to find a solution to the lack of medicines and supplies at the hospital. Otherwise, they will begin a 48-hour strike.

Attorney General Kenia Porcell reported that she has received a note from Brazilian prosecutors requesting a meeting to discuss a request for judicial assistance they filed in connection with the Lava Jato case.

Yesterday, the tender for the construction, operation and maintenance of three sewerage and wastewater treatment plants was undertaken for more than $400 million. These would benefit the provinces of Chiriqui Darien, and Chepo.

On Monday, the Budget Committee of the National Assembly approved a budget transfer to the Ministry of Education (Meduca) for $9 million.

The National Institute for Women (INAMU) and Mibus signed an agreement to promote policies in favor of women.


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