Thursday 12th April 2018. Dr Computer and Facebook testimony.

April 12, 2018

Program Audio:


Dr Computer (Alex Neuman)


Taking us up until 8am this morning we have  Alex Neuman with us (Dr Computer). High on the agenda is the testimony of Mark Zuckerberg in respect of the use of our information and who has access to it.

Other than that this morning is a rummage around the Internet and of course some great music.

News Audio:

Venezuela  announced on Wednesday, April 11, that it will suspend economic relations with more companies in Panama and freeze their accounts, in a new escalation of the conflict between the two governments that had previously canceled airline operations in both countries.

The request of the leadership of the Single Union of Workers in Construction and Similar (Suntracs) of a 60% increase in a staggered manner and for a period of four years “is not reasonable,” said the Panamanian Chamber of Construction (Capac).

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) requested greater collaboration from the population of San Sebastian with regard to sanitary measures to prevent further increase in cases of contagion with the hanta virus .

The installation of the first nine loading and unloading bridges began on the expansion project of the Tocumen International Airport.

Panama has led economic growth in Latin America in the last five years, but this bonanza has not translated into a better quality of life in terms of urban mobility.

For Pituka Ortega, the director of the International Film Festival of Panama, this event “is well recognized at the Latin American level”.

The Foundation for the Promotion of Educational Excellence held on Wednesday, April 11, the official launch of the third edition of the National Competition for Educational Excellence.

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