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Thursday 12th March 2020. Yazmin stays at home, Gerry is on his own. We continue with updates on the Corona-virus,

March 12, 2020

Yes, Just me in the studio this morning as we take precautions against the spread of Co-vid 19 (Coronavirus). So it is you, me, the music and updated info national and international on Coronavirus.

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) reported on Wednesday that they confirmed three new cases of Covid-19 (new coronavirus) in Panama.

An official from the Ministry of the Presidency is among the eleven cases of coronavirus in Panama that were listed by the health authorities, La Prensa learned.

The National Assembly reported that,” it will not allow access by the public.

The mayor of Panama, José Luis Fábrega, notified on Wednesday, the representative of Bella Vista, Ricardo Domínguez, that the Municipality of Panama will from now on be in charge of managing the park Urracá.

The Ministry of the Presidency ordered the cancellation of trips abroad for government officials effective Tuesday, March 10 until further notice, due to the spread of the new coronavirus (Covid-19).

When the country was awaiting the news about the expansion of the coronavirus, the deputies of the National Assembly introduced a reform in the second debate of the bill 10, which reforms public procurement, and which supposes the limitation of legal incapacity to hire companies convicted of corruption.

The reduction in fuel prices at stations across the country will begin to be applied this Friday, March 13, as a result of the largest drop in the cost of oil due to the price war between producers and the decrease in consumption by China due to the new coronavirus.


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