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Thursday 15th October 2020.

October 15, 2020

Alex Neuman

Today is Thursday, and Thursday is talking tech time with Dr Computer, Alex Neuman.  There could only be one topic today really after the announcement of the iphone 12. We discuss the late to the show items like 5G capability but of interest to me (even though I am not an iphone fan) is the chip… It is powered by a new type of chip of Apple’s making.  This will let owners do things like edit 4K video, enhance high-resolution photos and play graphically-intensive video games more smoothly than was possible before while using less battery power.  The “five nanometre process” involved refers to the fact that the chip’s transistors have been shrunk down – the tiny on-off switches are now only about 25 atoms wide – allowing billions more to be packed in. Effectively it means more brain power. (Perhaps an implant would be a good idea!)

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