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Thursday 17th December 2020.

December 17, 2020

Today on tech talk with Dr Computer Alex Neuman, we are joined by Alejandro Carbonell who is Director of Capatec, the Panamanian Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications. Topics covered:

1. AEC:
AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction)
Objective: To publicize the different technologies of the sector and generate a project of common good for the country with the use of them.
– Milestone: AutoDesk Infrawork Conversation “about the Infrastructure Tool that is changing our way of designing”.
2. Women in tech:
Objective: Create ties between women managers, directors, executives, scientists, engineers, businesswomen, etc., making them allies of the initiative.
– Milestone: High-level public-private alliance, aimed at promoting strategies or policies to close economic gender gaps. Promoted by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).
3. Digital Animation:
Promote the consolidation of the sector through cooperation and inclusiveness with educational programs that promote development among professionals and international talent to create synergies for the proper development of our business.
– Milestone: Activities “How to generate content for international projects and” How to sell your ideas to CARTOON NETWORK “.
4. Legal:
Its objective: Identify, review and evaluate the laws and regulatory frameworks that govern the innovation and technology environment, in addition to promoting collaboration through the different projects and programs that are part of CAPATEC.
– Milestone: Draft Law that includes entrepreneurs, self-employed workers and sources of employment linked to current and emerging technologies.
5. Start’up:
Objective: Dynamize the entrepreneurship ecosystem through programs and projects that stimulate the creation of innovative, technological and scalable businesses.
– Milestone: Program to search for experts and mentors who are a fundamental part of the development of the digital ecosystem in Panama; the Ideatones program REINVENTATE.
Suggested Questions
1. How do you think technology can change the paradigm of a country?
2. What new technologies do you think will come in 2021?
3. Is the country ready for this new technological era?

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