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Thursday 17th June 2021.

June 17, 2021

Dr Computer Alex Neuman

Techy Thursday as we are joined by Dr Computer (Alex Neuman) and today he takes a look at the recent E3 event (no not a vitamin!) it is all about the gaming world. Windows 11 is on the horizon and Amazon want to link devices on a neighborhood basis, definitely not so sure about that!

In the last hour today we have as our guest Conrado Ploche from Teen Advisors. As world savvy as teenagers think that they are, there is still a lot to learn out there in  the big wide world. The best was to prepare you for that experience is to listen to someone who has had been in the business world who has gone through a lot of the ups and downs that one is likely to experience. Conrado is offering webinars to small groups for one on one talks about surviving the world of business. You can get more information on the IG page 

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