Thursday 1st September 2016. Tech and Nemeth.

September 1, 2016

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dropboxhackedOn this mornings show, we chat with Dr Computer (Alex Neuman) topics included the utilization of Google Transit by the Metro Bus, Dropbox being hacked (what to do ref passwords). Also Lubo calls ref his IP address being in the US.

Lourdres, Mutlu, GIllian, Gerry and Gulen.

In the last hour, just me and five ladies. Gillian Murray from UNDOC’s HQ in Vienna who is working on human trafficking awareness and prevention. Also with us are two of the lades from the Nemeth Quartet from Turkey (Gulen (violin) and Mutlu (cello)) they will be performing tonight a concert with the Panama Symphony Orchestra in aid of UNODC’s program.

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Minister of Trade and Industry Augusto Arosemena will meet next week with Colombian officials to try and resolve the trade dispute between the two countries.

Lawyer Guillermo Cochez presented yesterday a criminal complaint with the Supreme Court (CSJ), against former president and current deputy of the Central American Parliament (PARLACEN), Ricardo Martinelli Berrocal, regarding crimes against the public administration, to the detriment of the State.

The representative of the township of Viento Frío in the province of Colon and a second lieutenant of the National Air Service (SENAN), are on the list of five people arrested yesterday in the province of Colon, after they were linked to a network of drug traffickers, confirmed the Public Ministry (MP).

In May 2013, the Ministry of Public Security, under the management of José Raúl Mulino, prepared four direct purchase orders for $856,000 each in favor of True Marketing, S.A., for the purchase of devices that allowed the police to verify information about members of the public during traffic stops.

Poverty in Panama continues to drop, according to the latest measurements of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF).

More than 100 migrants, mostly Cuban, are living in the Santa Ana Catholic Church where they are receiving medical care, food and a place to sleep.

The National Authority of Land Management (Anati) gave 137 property titles to people who had spent years waiting for the legality of the land where they have built their homes.

Starting today, shrimp fishing is prohibited throughout the national territory.

The Ministry of Social Development has excluded more than 3,000 people over the last two years from the “120 to 65” program in Chiriqui.

Yesterday, the company Mi Bus launched the Google Transit tool, through which users can learn the routes and times of the Metrobus.


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