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Thursday 25th May 2023.

May 25, 2023


Great to be back, had a wonderful holiday in Europe but it is good to get home and back on the airwaves… Starting off the return on a sad note though. the passing of Tina Turner the “Queen of Rock”.

We check in with Ingrid this morning and of course catch up on the world of Yaz. We do have a couple of born on this day in music as well….  1936 – Donnie Elbert American soul singer and songwriter Donnie Elbert, who had a 1972 US No.22 & UK No.11 single with ‘I Can’t Help Myself, Sugar Pie Honey Bunch’ and a hit with ‘A Little Piece of Leather’.

This wih many other tracks became the in thing in the UK known as Northern Soul…..  Northern soul is a music and dance movement that emerged in Northern England and the English Midlands in the late 1960s from the British mod scene, based on a particular style of Black American soul music, especially from the mid-1960s, with a heavy beat and fast tempo (100 bpm and above) or American soul music from northern cities such as Detroit, Chicago and others.

The northern soul movement generally eschews Motown or Motown-influenced music that has had significant mainstream commercial success. The recordings most prized by enthusiasts of the genre are usually by lesser-known artists, released only in limited numbers, often by American labels such as Vee-Jay Records, Chess Records, Brunswick Records, Ric-Tic, Gordy Records, Golden World Records (Detroit), Mirwood Records (Los Angeles), Shout Records and Okeh.

Northern soul is associated with particular dance styles and fashions that grew out of the underground rhythm and soul scene of the late 1960s at venues such as the Twisted Wheel in Manchester. This scene and the associated dances and fashions quickly spread to other UK dancehalls and nightclubs like the Wigan Casino, Blackpool Mecca (the Highland Room), and Golden Torch (Stoke-on-Trent).

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