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Thursday 20th June 2024.

June 20, 2024


Our Guest this morning is David Garcia. David is an amazing young man, and a very talented pianist. He is with us today though to promote an event that is going to be on the 3rd of July…..

Meeting of two nations The magic of classical and popular music uniting Panama and Venezuela Next Wednesday, July 3, the Balboa Theater will be the stage where the talent of two brother countries will converge, demonstrating that music unites us like nothing else. The Panama Philharmonic Orchestra, the young piano prodigy David García, Paitilla Son Band, with Marco Linares and the singers, Karla Vargas, Yovani Mayora, Maryalex González, Mare Cabal and the Panama Youth Ballet. All under the direction of the Venezuelan director, teacher Elisa Vega, who comes from Caracas specially invited for the occasion.

On this evening, music by Venezuelan and Panamanian composers will be performed. Such as the Panamanians Alberto Galimany, Ricardo Fábrega and Eduardo Charpentier; as well as the Venezuelans Reynaldo Hahn and Ignacio Salvatierra (resident in Panama). Likewise, we will listen to WA Mozart’s concerto N°24 for piano and orchestra, with David García, a Venezuelan-Panamanian pianist, performing as soloist. During the concert we will be able to enjoy well-known songs, with great roots in Panama, such as “Panamá Viejo”, “La Dama de la Pollera” and “Capricho Típica Panameño”, with the participation of the Youth Ballet of Panama, showing, of course , the traditional pollera, typical costume of Panamanian ladies, which has a place of honor among the typical costumes of the world, for its particular beauty, richness and complexity. On the part of Venezuela we will hear the overture of the operetta “Mozart”, by the French-Venezuelan composer Reynaldo Hahn, who was director of the Paris opera in 1945, as well as the original songs by Ignacio Salvatierra P. Orinoco, Panamá Panamá, Panamá Nocturnal and El Platanal, which represented Venezuela, with the Panamanian singer Lydia Arosemena, at the Viña del Mar Festival, in 2017; these songs with orchestral arrangements by Pedrito López.In addition to enjoying excellent music, in a great concert that reaffirms the brotherhood of two peoples, attendees will be contributing to health in Panama, since part of the proceeds from the ticket office will be donated to the Aids for Aids and Aids for Life foundations, which carry out great humanitarian work.

This concert is organized and produced by Belle Art Eventos.Tickets have a value of B./15 (plus fees) and can be purchased at

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