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Thursday 21st march 2024.

March 21, 2024


Good morning and welcome to today’s program. A very special guest in the last hour of the program. It is that time again, this time it is the twelfth Panama International Film Festival. To talk to us about the Films and program for this year the new Executive Director of the Festival Karla Quintero.

just a month away from celebrating the twelfth edition of the Panama International Film Festival , which will will take take place out of the the 4 – 7 April 2024 , it will give space to the opening gala with the presentation of the film “The Mother of All Lies” on the big screen on April 5. This edition brings a powerful selection of more than 25 films, national and international guests, open-air cinema and, a robust program aimed at industry to promote the development of the seventh art at the local and regional level.

“The Mother of All Lies” it narrates a milestone in history that is very important for the Kingdom of Morocco in the eighties when fear took over its streets, creating a network of lies and destroying any evidence, memory or narrative that could bring to light this deep conflict that the Moroccan people experienced, which took numerous lives in an unprecedented massacre without eyewitnesses to this day.

“The idea of how we conceive cinema is the window that allows us to tell stories, which leads us to recreate and delve deeper into our roots, our origins, awakening such intense emotions, that they were the channel to develop this extraordinary narrative” commented Karla Quintero, Executive Director of the Panama International Film Festival. Who also expressed his admiration for the strength, wit and impeccable work of Asmae El Moudir , as director, producer, editor and narrator of the documentary.

“The Mother of All Lies” he has received important recognition in most of the festivals of his vast journey. Highlighting, the award for Best Direction in the Un Certain Regard section and the Golden Eye for Best Documentary at Cannes 2023 , being the Morocco national team for the Oscar for Best International Film 2024.

The Moroccan Filmmaker Asmae El Moudir in her second documentary, she investigates the reason why she only keeps a photograph of her childhood, and even more intriguing, why the girl portrayed in the image is not even herself. He decides to explore the past and its mysteries by creating a handmade replica of the Casablanca neighborhood where he grew up. There, he begins to interrogate the stories that his mother, father and grandmother tell about their home and their country. The truth is difficult to face, but in this sometimes surreal documentary, El Moudir begins to bring to the surface what is real.


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