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Thursday 21st September 2023.

September 21, 2023


Alex Neuman
Alex Neuman, @VidaDigital

Great to have Alex Neuman (Dr Computer) back with us this morning. We touch on a number of subjects,but especially we take a look at Ransom Ware and how it work Plus what can you do about it? Also Apple have brought out the Iphone 15. How does it compare and are the changes relevant?

Priscianis Palma

Just briefly in the last hour Priscianis Palma founder and General Manager of Global Posibiltiy Studies (GPS) talks to us briefly about the upcoming event, on September 29 in the Decapolis Hotel. You’ll be able to meet 5 of the most renowned irish universities and learn about their bachelor and master degrees. Get to know Ireland’s flexible immigration laws, financing opportunities, and how to get your full time work permit for 2 years after graduation in the emerald isle. Priscianis will be back next Wednesday to tell us more about the event and also her company.

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