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Thursday 22nd June 2023.

June 22, 2023


No Dr Computer this morning as Alex has to work. But I did a bit of rummaging around to see what I could find, and a couple of stories came to the fore which are somewhat connected. Firstly the European Union is going to stipulate that smart phones must have removeable batteries, which is great news.

But what if you could have a laptop that you could litterally change all the parts, as a repair, but also as a quick means of upgradeing your machine. Well enter Framework a company that has produced a computer that you can literally change all the components using one simple tool which they supply. Take a look at this review that I came across yesterday.

In the last hour today we welcome back to the show Maestro Isaac Casal together with Nicolas Jordano. They are here to talk to us about the 17th edition of the Alfredo de Saint Malo International music festival. It got underway yesterday and is running through until the 2nd of July.  For all the relevant information you can follow this link.

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