Thursday 23rd March 2017. Computers and power cuts and the 6th IFF Panama.

March 23, 2017

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Dr Computer (Alex Neuman)

Doctor Computer (Alex Neuman) pops in to spend some time with us this morning. A relevant topic this morning after the two major power outages in the last week.

computer failure

How to protect your electronic equipment, especially your computers and servers.

Diana Sanchez & Gerry

In the last hour this morning Diana Sanchez from the International Film Festival Panama (No6) taking about this staple now of the film industry which starts a week today (30th March) and runs for a week. A great program which you can get more information by clicking the IFF logo. My favorite a documentary about the Rolling Stones concert in Cuba.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]The News:

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The Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) will hold a hearing on March 29, to address the objection presented by the defense of the former president of the Republic, Ricardo Martinelli, in the investigation that is following the granting of more than 355 pardons towards the end of his administration (2009-2014).

Supreme Court justices José Ayú Prado, Hernán De León and José Luis Fábrega face a new criminal case for alleged “abuse of authority, violation of duties of public officials and usurpation of functions.”

The Panamanian Chamber of Construction (Capac) described the initiative of the Ministry of Labor and Labor Development (Mitradel) seeking to establish a paternity leave, as an “inconsiderable measure of economic impact” for companies.

The Electric Transmission Company (Etesa) asked for the moderate consumption of electrical energy in order to be able to maintain the service.

Members of the Panamanian Union of Commercial Aviators (UNPAC) made a peaceful protest to formally file a petition before the Ministry of Labor (MITRADEL) late this afternoon.

Panama and Austria signed an agreement for the promotion of art and culture, signed by the Federal Minister of Education, Art and Culture of the Republic of Austria, Thomas Drozda, and the vice president and Chancellor, Isabel de Saint Malo de Alvarado, during her visit to Austria.

The Club Activo 20-30 made an invitation to people who want to donate new and used books, to take them to the Cinta Costera this weekend.


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