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Thursday 23rd September 2021.

September 23, 2021

Matthew Jeffery

This morning we have two guests, in our eight o’clock segment we have opportunity to talk to Matthew Jeffery Deputy Director of Audubon Americas. “Matt has been with Audubon since 2006, playing a lead role in developing Audubon’s hemispheric conservation programs that support full lifecycle conservation of migrant bird species. Today the programs operate across The Bahamas, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Panama, Colombia and Chile.

Matt’s accomplishments with Audubon include the discovery and conservation of wintering populations of endangered Piping Plovers across the Bahamas which led to the protection of 92,000-acre Joulter Cays National Park. Working with partners to securing 250,000 acres of mangroves and coastal habitat in the Bay of Panama, Panama and designing and managing Audubon Bird-Based Tourism program which has built the capacity of over 700 community guides and stimulated this green economy in five countries in the Americas. Matt currently represents Audubon on the Bahamas National Trust’s Council, the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network and is a contributing writer for the hemispheric bird conservation initiatives including the Atlantic Flyway Shorebird Conservation Initiative and Pacific Americas Shorebird Conservation Initiative.”

Dr Computer Alex Neuman is back this week but in the nine o’clock hour and we have as our guest Kiki Bermudez. “Play Specialist & Creative Developer, Lego Therapy Consultant, STEAM advocate, Play Therapy Consultant, Lego®️Serious Play Micro Facilitator and Six Bricks Facilitator. Owner of  Magic Makerz.  During pandemic, many kids have been forced to either take remote education, shortened or even suspended completely. While kids education vary according to their ages, technology has made it easier nowadays to find methods, apps and even STEM toys that reinforce kids motor functions, brain development and even stimulation for curiosity for engineering or programming basics. Kiki is an expert at teaching both adults and kids about the different play tools, digital apps and even Legos that help reinforce the education every kid needs and can do at home. Many brands, other than Legos, have developed STEM functions for kids from ages of infant up to toddlers and so on.”

Apart from the serious nature of the topic we did get plenty of time to reminisce about the toys  of our youth. Much to everybody’s amusement LEGO was not around when I was a kid, I did have Mecano though.  You can get in touch with Kiki via her Instagram @kikibermudez and Alex @vidadigital

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