Thursday 26th July 2018. Remember Catherine Johannet, we talk to her Mother Alice Medalia.

July 26, 2018

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Alice Medalia.

On the program this morning we step outside of our comfort zone, but some stories need to be told and justice needs to be seen to done and to be fair.

My guest is Alice Medalia, mother of Catherine Medalia Johannet who came to Panama to visit the paradise she had seen on the Internet. Having been teaching children in Vietnam and on the way to see relatives in Belize there was a chance to visit the beaches of Bocos del Toro.

Catherine Johannet

When she went to Bastimentos she found darkness and evil, Catherine was raped, murdered and her belongings stolen. Ten months later the perpetrator of the crime was arrested, at the time he committed this act he was 17, he  was tried as a minor and sentenced to a paltry 12 years in prison. The sentence is now being appealed thus the visit to Panama by Alice. If you would like to just listen to her story it is here….


News Audio:

Ex-president Ricardo Martinelli , who is being held in El Renacer prison since June 11, went on Wednesday morning, to two medical appointments at the Santo Tomás Hospital.

Due to excuses presented by two defense lawyers, on Wednesday, July 25, the hearing of Adolfo De Obarrio and six others for the alleged crime against the public administration in the form of unjustified enrichment was suspended.

For the third consecutive day the hearing was held for the alleged irregularities for the loan of 9 million dollars granted by the Savings Bank (CA) to the HPC-Contratas P & V consortium for the failed project of the Amador convention center, money that, according to the investigations, went to the accounts of the defunct stock house Financial Pacific (FP).

This Thursday, July 26, the supply of drinking water will be temporarily suspended in some sectors of the San Miguelito district , due to work on the 300,000 gallon storage tank located in La Ensenada, San Isidro, as reported this Wednesday, July 25. By the Institute of National Aqueducts and Sewers (Idaan) .

The Panamanian Food Security Authority (Aupsa) should not exist, said the Minister of Agricultural Development (MIDA) Eduardo Enrique Carles , in a meeting with producers in the region of Azuero that demand the stoppage of imports.

After eight hours of work, at dawn on Wednesday, the last two “U” beams of Line 2 of the Panama Metro were placed .


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