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Thursday 2nd July 2020.

July 2, 2020


Thursday means a chat with Dr Computer (Alex Neuman) about tech. The main topic this morning is all about the browsers, from the days when it was Netscape or nothing to now a plethora of browsers. What is the difference, which one should you use? Take a listen and find out what Alex has to say.



In the last hour of today’s program I get to talk to a lovely lady, her name is Ileana Cotes better known as the Owl Whisperer. It all started with a chance encounter with an injured owl and resulted in the foundation of Refugio de Jason. Why Jason? That first little own was named Jason. Ileana has gone on to rehabilitate more than 100 Owls back in to the wild. Also gives talks and advice on these wonderful raptors. Check out Ileana’s Instagram @owl.whisperer


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