Thursday 2nd March 2023.

March 2, 2023


The Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) closed the door to equal marriage. This Thursday, the plenary declared that the phrase “between a man and a woman”, contained in the Family Code , nor the expression “persons of the same sex” are not unconstitutional .

“The ruling indicates that there is a reality, and that is that, until now, the right to equal marriage has not been more than an aspiration that, although legitimate for the groups involved, does not have the category of human right or fundamental right, being that it lacks conventional and constitutional recognition”, indicates a press release released by the CSJ, at the conclusion of the plenary meeting.

This ruling was supported by seven magistrates María Eugenia López Arias (rapporteur), Carlos Alberto Vásquez Reyes, Cecilio Cedalise Riquelme, María Cristina Chen Stanziola, Miriam Cheng Rosas, Maribel Cornejo Batista and Ariadne Maribel García Angulo.

Olmedo Arrocha cast a reasoned vote and Ángela Russo de Cedeño saved her vote.

The demands for the recognition of equal marriage in Panama were presented in 2016 and 2017 by the forensic firm Morgan & Morgan and for years they were in the hands of the now former magistrate Luis Ramón Fábrega , who lost the paper after his project received a series of comments. of various members of the plenary. López Arias took over the presentation as she was the first to present comments on the draft prepared by Fábrega.

The ruling agreed this Thursday is contrary to the criteria issued by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights itself, which has established clear principles on non-discrimination of LGBTI people, through different rulings, in which the right to equality is recalled and non-discrimination, rulings that reaffirm that sexual orientation is a category protected by the American Convention on Human Rights.

Starting this March 2, Panama will be the epicenter of the debate on the future of the oceans, an essential resource for humanity: it is home to 80% of all life on Earth, provides food for more than 3 billion people and it is a means for world trade.

This is the Our Ocean 2023 world conference, an event in which actions and policies will be shared for the protection of the oceans and the responsible and future management of marine resources, as well as sustainable economic growth.

The event, in which 600 representatives of governments, private companies and organized civil society participate, takes place at a time when climate change, marine pollution and the devastation of marine life have reached increasingly alarming levels due to the detrimental actions of humanity.

In the words of Juan Monterrey, director of the Biocultural Leadership School of Geoversity, an NGO dedicated to environmental conservation, this world conference cannot be another “diplomatic spectacle.”

“The elimination of harmful fishing subsidies and the moratorium on dangerous ocean mining are essential to avoid the destabilization of marine ecosystems and the extinction of species,” he said.

Workers of Minera Panamá SA (MPSA), a subsidiary of the Canadian First Quantum Minerals (FQM), protested yesterday in front of the headquarters of the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) to obtain authorization for the resumption of coppermade concentrate loading operations.

“The weights are calibrated, but right now the Panama Maritime Authority does not give a resolution date for the company to start exporting,” the general secretary of the Panama Mining Workers Union (Utramipa), Francisco Díaz, told reporters. .

Díaz recalled that from Puerto Rincón, which serves the mine, “it cannot be exported” due to the suspension of the shipment of copper ordered by resolution by the Maritime Authority at the end of January, which he described as a “very worrying” situation for the workers.

At this time, according to Díaz, MPSA operations “are not 100%, we are going to say 95% due to the issue of maintenance and preservation of the equipment,” noting that this situation directly affects some 6,000 workers and another 40,000 indirectly.

The Panamanian Chamber of Construction (Capac) joined the voices that demand transparency from the administration of the Social Security Fund (CSS) .

This, after the refusal of the director of the CSS, Enrique de Lau Cortés, to provide public information, regarding the letters he receives from deputies and officials for appointments.

“In such a sensitive matter for Panamanian society, there are no positions that deviate from transparency, which demands the management of public affairs and therefore limits information on a subject of justified interest to the population, especially since it concerns to the main social security institution in the country”, said Carlos Allen, president of Capac.

The labor market in Panama shows some dynamism this year, increasing the intention of companies to hire more staff.

This is how the talent search platform Konzerta perceives it, which carried out the Balance 2022 and Expectations 2023 survey, which measures the interest of the human resources areas both in hiring more staff and in the prospects for a salary increase.

In the recent version of the study in which 314 professionals from the human resources area participated, it is indicated that 77% of Panamanian companies, or with operations in the country, plan to incorporate new talent this year to their payroll, while 83 % expects to increase the number of hires by 5% or more.

María Alejandra Cruz, manager of Konzerta in Panama, points out that the data suggests that the labor market will register a good recovery in 2023 and therefore, it will be a reflection of a better performance of the economy.

She also explained that due to the talent searches on the platform, it is reflected that 28% of companies are looking for profiles of people for the commercial area, 16% are interested in attracting people for positions and vacancies in administration, and 10% are interested in recruiting personnel. Trained in the area of logistics.

Among the countries in the region where the survey was applied, companies from Panama and Peru are the ones that have expressed the most intention to hire staff, with a result of 77%, followed by Argentina with 75% and Chile with 63%. .

The authorities resumed this Wednesday, March 1, the search for the girl Aderlyn Llerena, reported missing since September 13, 2022.

The proceedings were refocused very close to the minor’s residence, in the community of Las Trancas, corregimiento of Rufina Alfaro, district of San Miguelito. She was last seen leaving for Gabriel Lewis Galindo School.

On this occasion, the proceeding was conducted by the prosecutor of the Homicide and Femicide Section, Maruquel Castroverde.

He said that this process is a “reinforced diligence” applied by the Public Ministry in an investigation that remains active, for the alleged disappearance of the minor.

“We are making one more effort, using the resources to give the answers that are pending,” he said

Starting this March, the Iberia airline will operate a daily flight between Madrid and Panama City, recovering 100% of the connectivity it had before the pandemic, announced Magali Ulloa, the airline’s Account Manager in the Panamanian market. .

Last December, the airline increased operations from 4 to 5 flights a week, and in January they added an additional sixth flight. With these additions, the company will close the first quarter with 7 flights a week.

For its part, the airline Air Europa, which began with 3 flights in 2021, when it resumed operations after the pandemic, currently has five flights a week operated with a 787 Dreamliner aircraft. “Flight occupations are very high and the demand for seats between Panama and Europe has increased,” said Carlos Conde, commercial manager of Air Europa, noting that they expect to continue growing as more planes arrive.

The Spanish ambassador in Panama, Guzmán Palacios Fernández, stressed that they are focused on increasing air connections and opportunities to generate more tourism between the two countries, as well as business. “It is about promoting those virtues that Panama offers so that more Spanish companies invest and settle in the country.



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