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Thursday 4th February 2021.

February 4, 2021

Today’s song challenge is a song you like to dance to!

Sadly like most Doctors, Dr Computer was called out on an emergency this morning so could not join us.

We were able to chat with Chef Edgar Hernandez in the last hour today about his recipe book “Paila” (pan).

Chef Edgar Hernandez

Edgar Hernandez , 27, is a young Panamanian chef, who has been trained in 4 pillars of Spanish and Panamanian gastronomy, discovering that he is passionate about observing diverse cultures and experiencing ethnic flavors in the kitchen, this as a preamble and to give a boost to his profession launches this publication of his first gastronomic book, entitled “PAILA”  PAILA, is the materialization of his work and gastronomic studies in 253 pages , which are reflected in various dishes; it is the union of many cultures with similar ingredients, for a common purpose, to feed, please palates and share the unique experience of other cultures. In addition to this, the book gathers recipes with pairing and explanations of where the ingredients are obtained in Panama City.

For more info check Edgars Instagram @edgarcocinaycome

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