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Thursday 4th June 2020.

June 4, 2020


We take a look at the International News, the Business News and today as Dr Computer could not talk to us we take our own little rummage around the Tech news as well.

Joining me on the phone in the last hour today we chat with Katherine Bucktron from Gramo Danse. They have an event on Zoom on Friday at 6:30 pm…

Gramo Danse presents SAL, a short movie with a few grams of dance. In English, it is SALT like the condiment that flavors or preserves food. In Spanish, the word SAL has different meanings and it is also the prefix to many words like SALIR, SALARIO (salary which is scarce for many these days)…

The 6 dancers have “preserved” their emotions under confinement. And now it is the time to SAL-ir or let go of all the creativity confined for weeks.

SAL was a challenging and new type of project for us. The Director Moises García had to think of images and how the video would have to look at the end, write a script, and work with Alejandra (a Panamanian cinematographer who resides in Mexico) to produce the final outcome.

SAL will be presented on Friday, June 5th, at 6 pm in ZOOM. Suggested price per person is $5 -$15. To buy tickets. write @cia.gramodanse,

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