Thursday 6th December 2018. Dr Computer, controlling Data use. Global Brigades Panama.

December 6, 2018

Dr Computer (Alex Neuman)


We have Dr Computer (Alex Neuman) with us in the first hour today. Among other things, having just lost a load of Data use by my laptop obviously uploading something when connected to my cell as a hot spot. We look at some safe guards and alternatives.

In the second and last hour we chat with Carlos Curiel from “Global Brigades Panama”. Bringing in students from around the world to undertake hands on experiences as well as helping the local communities. Find out more here, or contact at

Carlos Curiel/Gerry

The plenary session of the  National Assembly approved in third and last debate, on Wednesday, the bill that dictates the general budget of the State for 2019, which was partially vetoed by the Executive.

The presiding magistrate (interim) Hernán De León will continue “on leave”. De León, who originally received a license until December 7. However, in the Judicial Body they confirmed that the holiday will be extended until Tuesday 11 and, now, he would have to retake his position on Wednesday 12.

The panameñista Ricardo Domínguez , representative of the corregimiento of Bella Vista, presented his resignation to the electoral penal jurisdiction before the General Secretariat of the Electoral Tribunal (TE) .

Julio García Valarini  was appointed as general director of the  Social Security Fund (CSS) by the President of the Republic, Juan Carlos Varela , reported December 5 the State Communication Secretary.

Until July 31, 2019, members of the Cabinet Council approved to extend the “temporary economic support” to those affected by the protests that occurred between July 6 and 10, 2010 in the district of Changuinola, province of Bocas del Toro.

As of next week, the  Institute for the Training and Use of Human Resources (Ifarhu) will cancel what is owed to the beneficiaries of the universal scholarship in 2018.

The price of 95 octane gasoline will decrease 4 cents per liter or 17 cents per gallon, starting this Friday, December 7 and until December 21 in Panama and Colon, the National Energy Secretariat reported .

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