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Thursday 6th October 2022.

October 6, 2022


We have a special guest on this mornings program. Eduardo Navarro, sometimes, you meet someone whom you consider a real inspiration, a free spirit, committed and engrossed in their creativity. Eduardo  is just that, a renown artist in many disciplines. Eduardo stands out among Panamanian masters as a champion of expressionism in the contemporary fine arts of the New Millennium. The artist explores his creativity through multiple disciplines such as painting, sculpture, performance art, and installations to create works with a uniquely rebellious visual impact and accomplished metaphors.

Navarro is slightly more anchored in real-world forms, although his subjects are endowed with a supernatural and, at times, ghostly power. His works command our attention because of the subjects they present. It does this daringly, creating fierce figures that simultaneously attract and repel, reminding us of the dark, hallucinatory work of Francis Bacon (1909-1992).

After winning the Fundación Gilberto Alzate Avendaño 1994 International August Salon Prize in Bogotá, –one of the most prestigious in Colombia– his career has progressed steadily. The artist uses his brushstrokes to render before us his very soul.

This is where Navarro achieves extreme artistic sophistication, balancing content with form, with the latter providing emotional support to the idea of the former, upstaging it, but not too obviously. Works of this stature, such as La sala de espera (The Waiting Room) earned him a Bronze Medal at the 1996 Osaka Triennial. He also has exhibited his works around the world, with international showings in Germany, Italy, Spain, Monaco, South Africa, USA, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Argentina, China and Japan.

Navarro is currently perhaps best known for his unbridled steeds full of energy, a subject he has been exploring for some 17 years. The artist continues to innovate, however, by using printed fabrics to add another layer of texture to these explosively virile wild beasts, once again showing off his uncontrolled balance between background and form. But the horse is simply a pretext for Eduardo Navarro to explore his expressionistic energy.

What better animal to represent the spiritual freedom and rebellion in the splashes of the artist’s brush than a galloping horse?

Eduardo’s Instagram @eduardonavarroq  For more information contact:

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