Thursday 9th December 2021.

December 9, 2021

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) reported this Wednesday, that active cases of Covid-19 total 3,089, a figure that has been increasing for several weeks. In the last 24 hours, 338 new cases were reported, after the application of 7,904 tests and a percentage of positivity of 4.2% was returned. According to the Minsa, in the last hours 1 death was registered. The total deaths is 7,381. While in home isolation 2,981 are reported, of which 2,890 are at home and 91 in hotels. There are 108 hospitalized and 95 of them are in the ward and 13 are in the intensive care unit (ICU).

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) reiterated to the organizers of activities and the owners of restaurants, bars and nightclubs that they must comply with the measures established in the regulations for capacity. According to the regulations, if the requested capacity is 100% of the capacity, only people with the complete vaccination scheme can enter. Another point that Minsa stressed is that the guard against Covid-19 should not be lowered and biosecurity measures must be maintained at all times, such as the use of a mask, facial screen in public passenger transport, frequent washing of hands and physical distancing.

The guilty plea of Luis Enrique Martinelli Linares , on December 2, generates legal effects in the United States and, in turn, may have a significant impact on the Odebrecht case in Panama. On a daily basis, the Panamanian justice knows of tests practiced abroad and of evidence supplied by friendly governments. The former is the product of proceedings requested by the Panamanian justice system, which are carried out through diplomatic channels in another country or which are carried out before the respective Panamanian consul in said jurisdiction. The second class of evidence is generated and shared by friendly governments from their own paperwork and judicial processes. The evidence generated by the process against the brothers Ricardo Alberto and Luis Enrique Martinelli Linares belongs to the second category. Thus, the New York tests can help to see that justice is served in Panama.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office for Drugs asks the guarantee judge for the provisional arrest of a group of those apprehended during the Fisher operation, which dismantled an organization allegedly linked to the Clan del Golfo, in Colombia. The hearing resumed this Wednesday morning at the premises of the accusatory criminal system of Plaza Ágora. The 56 people accused of the crimes of illicit association to commit a crime and money laundering were cited. The prosecutor revealed this Tuesday that the network managed a large group of front men led by a lawyer, who was in charge of managing the creation of joint-stock companies for the acquisition of properties with which money from drug trafficking was legitimized.

In the midst of the economic and social crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Municipality of Panama, led by PRD José Luis Fábrega, will handle the largest budget in its history in 2022: $ 330 million. The figure was approved in a quick session of the Municipal Council, with only 2 votes against. A total of 24 corregimientos representatives voted in favor of the figure, which represents an increase of $ 53.1 million over the 2021 budget ($ 276.9 million). Fifteen representatives of townships of the ruling Democratic Revolutionary Party , five of the Democratic Change party, three of the Nationalist Republican Liberal Movement and two of the Panameñista Party voted in favor. Only Panamanians Guillermo Willie Bermúdez and Ricardo Ricky Domínguez, from the townships of Don Bosco and Bella Vista, respectively, opposed it.

The Homicide and Femicide Section of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office of Colón and Guna Yala concluded yesterday the presentation of the theory of the case in the oral trial for the murders of seven young people in a bunker in Colón. There is also the statement of Jean Carlos Hernández, alias Niño, one of the detainees in this case, who in his testimony described how they ended the lives of the seven young people, between 16 and 20 years of age.Niño was the one who betrayed his henchman, Reynaldo Cuadra, alias Reycito, whom he accused of being the main perpetrator of the crime.

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