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Tuesday 15th August 2023.

August 15, 2023


On this morning program we take a rummage thorough my music collection and we have guests for the last hour of the program. Coming into the studio ids Laura Speiran, Kristy Tait and Iranovy Grenald to talk to us about their upcoming event this Sunday.

Kirsty Tait, from the UK is a serial entrepreneur on a mission to make the world a happier place. She started Omne World in 2022 which is a mindfulness company based in Panama. Her aim is to be a centralized hub for anyone looking to improve on their overall wellness whether that is mind, body or soul. She runs mindset meet ups weekly and is an avid reader.

Laura Speiran from Irland, the founder of the Connecting Minds Project, draws upon her background as a Social Worker, Mindfulness Teacher, and Yoga Specialist to design curriculums and lead project implementations. Her diverse skill set allows her to create educational plans and execute initiatives that empower and uplift vulnerable community groups.

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