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Tuesday 17th March 2020. You, me and the music and we monitor the Coronavirus and we chat on the phone with Sara.

March 17, 2020



We keep up to speed on the fast moving events regarding Coronavirus, and we get to chat quickly on the phone with our Feisty Foodie Sara.

Classes across the country will be suspended until April 7, the Ministry of Education (Meduca) reported on Monday, as a preventive measure against the spread of the coronavirus.

The Minister of Health, Rosario Turner reported, this Monday, March 16, that until 4:00 pm there were 69 positive cases of the new Covid-19 coronavirus in the country. Of these 35 are women and 34 men.

From the morning of this Monday, long lines formed outside supermarkets and shops nationwide. Commercial establishments implement counting measures to ensure that there are no more than 50 people within the establishment

Businesses that sell disposable masks, antibacterial and antimicrobial products, alcoholic gels, alcohol for external use, antibacterial liquid or bars of soap, disinfectants for domestic use and vitamin C, among other personal hygiene, cleaning and consumption items, must comply with the measure. maximum profit margin of 23% -per unit- throughout the marketing chain.

Watching the experience of other countries, in Panama the ‘Stay at Home’ campaign has intensified as one of the key strategies to stop the spread of the coronavirus .

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