Tuesday 19th July 2016. Lunnetta with Jerome and Healthy eating with Yoly & Friends.

July 19, 2016

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Jerome from Lunnetta and Gerry

Busy morning today as we have Jerome with us to talk about problems with eyesight and how Zeiss can find the issues with your sight that perhaps others cannot. Also at Lunnetta now you will be able to get Carl Zeiss lenses off the shelf. If you need just plain prescription lenses in other words not utilizing vary-focal etc you can get the benefits the Carl Zeiss technology for just $89.

Yoly with two loaves of gluten free bread.
Yoly with two loaves of gluten free bread.

In the last hour I get ganged up on as Yoly brings in Carla and Aura from Atmana and Cristina from Sattva, not fair four against one! However the goodies that they bought to try like Kale chips and a cold coffee that has not been heated!

Karla, Aura, Gerry, Cristina and Yoly
Karla, Aura, Gerry, Cristina and Yoly

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Former Immigration Director Maria Cristina Gonzalez was taken from her residence in Brisas del Golf to the office of the second anti-corruption prosecutor to be questioned about the case involving the alleged use of state funds for a Cambio Democratico call center.

Teachers unions declared a 72 hour strike, rejecting the government proposal of staggered wage increases.

The fourth anti-corruption prosecutor has requested a court to open a criminal case against 39 people, including 23 former officials and 16 entrepreneurs, for corruption related to the purchase of food through the National Assistance Program (PAN).

Deputy Antonio Dominguez from the Panameñista party appeared yesterday before the Public Prosecutor to present a number of formal complaints.

The surgery for a brain tumor which would be performed on former dictator of Panama Manuel Antonio Noriega on Thursday, was postponed to an undefined date, his defense lawyer, Ezra Angel told Efe.

A hearing began yesterday in the case of 33 people charged with irregularities in the $155 million contract for the failed irrigation system in Tonosí.

With overflowing confidence, Fianeth Corro, a third year student of the Social Communication career at the Universidad Santa María La Antigua is ready to take on her new challenge, to win the Miss Universal Petite 2016 contest that started yesterday and lasts a week, aboard a cruise ship that leaves from the city of Tampa, Florida.

Under the project “Empowerment of indigenous women through the strengthening of productive activities that improve their quality of life”, more than 60 Ngäbe Bugle women started a venture to improve their quality of life, overcoming obstacles such as poverty or low education.


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