Tuesday 19th September 2017. You, me & the music.

September 19, 2017

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Relaxing day, just you me and the music on this Tuesday morning.

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Coat_of_Arms_of_Panama.svgWith the opening of an embassy, ​​the proposal of infrastructure projects and the signing of a first agreement, Panama and the People’s Republic of China sealed on Sunday the beginning of diplomatic relations between both nations.

Luis Cucalón, former head of the General Directorate of Revenue (DGI), and Cristobal Tobin Salerno, a businessman linked to the company Cobranzas del Istmo, S.A. (CISA), informed criminal judge Agueda Rentería of their willingness to reach a penalty agreement.

After long hours without electricity at Tocumen International Airport yesterday, the airport terminal administration confirmed that the service had been restored.

Alfredo Martiz, director of the Social Security Fund, was involved in a traffic accident in the early hours of yesterday, while traveling along one of the city’s main roads. He only suffered minor injuries to his head.

A total of $8 million was approved by the Cabinet Council to carry out works that reduce the risk of overflows in the Juan Díaz river basin.

On Sunday night was the competition for the best national dress of the Miss United Continents 2017, in which Panama’s representative Paulette Sánchez won the 2nd place.


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