Tuesday 1st November 2016. Austin Hess and his latest publications. “Why so tired?” with Yoly.

November 1, 2016

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Austin Hess.

Austin Hess joins me this morning, the first time since the launch of his new “The Restaurant” magazine. Make sure to pick up your copy, beautifully presented and picking out some of the best places to eat. Also just due out the next issue of “The Panama Good Times”

Looks a bit like me at work!!
Looks a bit like me at work!!

YolyWhy do we feel so tired? Yoly takes a look at a couple of topics this morning firstly why is it people in the Blue zone live longer? Also tiredness and what do we need for a good nights sleep?

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Despite the fact that the National Assembly ended its last session of the year yesterday, the voting process for the choice of the replacement of Tribunal Electoral (TE) Judge Erasmo Pinilla is still uncertain.

Delegates of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) made the decision to form a National Executive Committee (CEN) led by members of the two conflicting factions.

A group of retirees and pensioners from Los Santos, Guarare and Las Tablas protested peacefully yesterday in Belisario Porras Park in Las Tablas.

President of Panama, Juan Carlos Varela, appointed María Vanessa Ford Cohen as Executive Secretary of the Free Port Special System, in the Caribbean province of Colon, reported yesterday the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Due to the sharp increase in public debt levels, specifically financial commitments of the Nonfinancial Public Sector (NFPS) and debt of separate entities, each Panamanian worker owes an average of $13,573.

Yesterday, Panamanian authorities destroyed 1,036 guns of different calibers.

A total of 38 people benefited this weekend, in the second part of the extraordinary day of appointments and specialty surgeries, performed in the “Miguel Cardenas Barahona” polyclinic in Las Tablas, province of Los Santos.

“Sing with me, the 10 provinces of Panama”, sings the children’s choir of the Colegio Brader, which recorded a new version of the popular advertising jingle “Panama has 9 provinces.”

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