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Tuesday 20th September 2022.

September 20, 2022

Welcome to Tuesday and today we have two guest chatting with us.

Our friend Bastian Barnbeck from the Waved foundation is with us in the 8 o’clock hour: Waved, a Panamanian social purpose organization (NGO), established in 2019, and the Panamanian artist, Erratic, launched a T-shirt model with purpose called Change. The idea of the t-shirt is to connect Panamanian students from the interior of the country with the rest of Panama – one side (students) is in lack of educational opportunities while the other side looks for opportunities to help students / Waved. Instead of simply donating, wearing a t-shirt promotes the message of standing up / promoting change, for Waved or in general. Change means leaving the comfort zone, improving what is not working so far, evolving. It also represents hope as you keep on trying until you’re satisfied with the outcome. Also, Waved’s slogan is Change, Not Charity 🙂 Erratic, the artist behind the t-shirt design tells the story of a typical Waved activity on Isla Cañas, one of the communities which benefits from Waved’s programme. Juan de la Guardia, the entrepreneur behind the name Erratic, is Panamanian by nationality, surfs and cares about the future of his country. Price of the t-shirt: 35 usd

Where can it be purchased: (3 options)
– Via the Cuanto App account of @erratictalento (link in
– Liquid Store (Paitilla Plaza Piso 2)
– Community Skate Club (Diablo)
Find out more about Waved via

In the last hour we link up with Giovanna Troncoso of Oir es Vivir: We know that everyone loves to hear; For young children, the importance of doing so lies in the possibility of acquiring language, speaking and educating themselves, while for adults with loss it means maintaining a good quality of life that allows them to keep their work, personal and family relationships active, without disorders. . Today and under the direction of its President Giovanna Troncoso, a mother who lives with hearing loss through two of her children, its board of directors, volunteers, collaborators and sponsors provide services both at the Center and through mobile programs that arrive to schools, companies, shelters, foundations and rural and indigenous communities in our country.

About our charity auction:
The face-to-face exhibition will begin on Monday, September 19 at the offices of GAC Motors (Calle 50, Panama) and bids will be held at starting at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 22 until 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, September 25, 2022 (with extended bidding”); bids can be made for the exact amounts or with the use of proxies within this platform (the most recommended option). It is important to announce that the “extended bids” option will be active this year for the works that receive bids at the last minute, adding three (3) additional minutes for the closing of that specific lot up to a maximum of 30 minutes; this was done by accepting the recommendations of the bidders of the auctions of previous years .

By registering on the platform and participating in the event, the user accepts the terms and conditions of and of this organization.

The works will be awarded to the highest bidder registered on the auction platform once the event ends.

It is understood that the bidder acquires a legal and non-transferable commitment to pay the foundation the entire winning bid through the defined means.

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