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Tuesday 21st July 2020.

July 21, 2020

Camila Vengoechea

In the eight o’clock hour this morning my guest on the phone is Camila Vengoechea,  Global Shaper and Director of Fundamorgan and Gerente de Desarrollo Organizacional RSE de Morgan & Morgan, she will call you at 8:20 a.m. to talk about Gender Equality.

“Evidence from outbreaks similar to COVID-19 indicates that women and girls can be affected in particular ways, and in some areas, face more negative impacts than men. In fact, there is a risk that gender gaps could widen during and after the pandemic and that gains in women’s and girls’ accumulation of human capital, economic empowerment and voice and agency, built over the past decades, could be reversed.” We talk about the inequality of the women of Panama and the work that they do and then still have to look after the home and the family. How can the cycle be changed. Through education? That is where it should start but also more opportunities for  women in the workplace.

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