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Tuesday 21st May 2024.

May 21, 2024


It is a busy Tuesday morning with guests in the second and third hours.

Lino Garibaldi

In the 8 0’clock hour we have artist and author Lino Garibaldi. Panamanian educator and visual artist Lino Garibaldi launches officially his first book: The Tales of Tito Tití, a story that transports us to the fascinating world of Tito Saimiri Rufus, a squirrel monkey with a doctorate in letters, half a dozen master’s degrees and graduates, an ego of magnitude indirectly proportional to their height and an insatiable appetitefor the adventure.
Accompanied by his assistant, Lino Garibaldi, who visually captures his unforgettable experiences, Tito will take you on an extraordinary journey around the world, exploring various cultures, interacting with an amazing variety of extraordinary animals and people in every corner of the
planet. Get ready for a literary journey that will open the doors to a world of wisdom and astonishment.


In the last hour today with their new single release “Lock “we have Alejandro and Lole from the Panama Band “Outsiders”. This moving song marks a change in direction of the music from the group, offering an emotional and reflective closing for your previous sound and narrative.

Outsiders is an alternative indie rock band based in Panama that makes different music and rooted in the personality of its members to connect with their audience  by being themselves and sharing what they like from their naturalness and experiences.

“Lock” is a single exploring the universal challenges of maintain a relationship in the midst of adverse external circumstances. With  captivating lyrics, the song addresses the process of accepting the ending of a relationship, while the shared memories are honored and the lessons learned. The song’s central message highlights the importance to value happy moments, even when life takes divergent paths.

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