Tuesday 22nd March 2022.

March 22, 2022


In the last 24 hours, the Ministry of Health (Minsa) registered 3 deaths and 135 new cases of Covid-19 , according to the figures published in the epidemiological report. The Minsa specifies that 3,676 tests were applied to date and the 135 new infections reflect a positivity of 3.7%. Regarding deaths, the Health authorities register three for a cumulative total of 8,159 deaths since the pandemic arrived in the country in March 2020. The lethality is 1.1%. The Minsa reported that the three people who died in the last 24 hours did not have a complete immunization schedule against the new coronavirus, according to the report. It is reflected in the report that the deceased corresponded to people over 60 years of age; two from the West Panama region and one from the metropolitan area. As for active cases, there are 2,265 nationwide, of which 2,148 are in home isolation and 117 hospitalized. Those in isolation are divided into 2,111 at home and 37 in hospital hotels. In addition, regarding those hospitalized, it is reported that 104 are in the ward and 13 in intensive care.

This Monday, hundreds of policyholders went to the Susana Jones Cano hospital, located in Villa Lucre, looking for an appointment for Radiology. They came from San Miguelito, 24 December, Las Cumbres, Calidonia, Arraiján, Coclé… they crowded into the parking lots of the medical facility of the Social Security Fund (CSS), but the line was so long that they also occupied the parking lots of the San Judas Tadeo clinics, which are to one side. CSS officials who attended to the impatient and disappointed policyholders said that the appointment dates for their MRIs, CAT scans, urocat scans, vascular scans, abdominal scans, among others, would be from next August onwards. The Press confirmed the long lines. The situation became chaotic when the people who were in the front spread the word that they had to get a copy of the ID and the reference of the X-ray requested by the doctor. Some began to run towards the nearby pharmacy, others shouted annoyed at the lack of organization. Subsequently, the CSS indicated – through a statement – ​​that the appointments for the different Radiology services “will be scheduled throughout the month of March and will continue as long as necessary.” To comply with this, they reported that a special team was assigned, which “has instructions to schedule appointments” and thus meet the demand of the insured. “We extend our apologies to all those who were affected and inform them that the necessary corrective measures have been taken,” the note stated.

Public transport leaders met on Monday with directors of the Transit and Land Transport Authority (ATTT), but they did not reach an agreement on the issue of a possible increase in the fare. The meeting, which was mediated by the Ombudsman’s Office, comes after the carriers announced that they would increase the cost of the ticket due to the increase in fuel prices. At the table, the carriers presented several proposals, including a request to freeze the cost of fuel for six months at $2.40 a gallon for diesel and $3.00 for regular gasoline.

The Panamanian Chamber of Construction (Capac) called on unionized workers not to support the strike declaration announced by union leaders. Through a statement, Capac warned workers of the “serious damage of a strike in the current circumstances of the industry” and especially because during the stoppage “they will not receive wages.” The organization also stated that its objective in these negotiations of the Capac-Suntracs collective agreement is to maintain the current jobs and the conditions that allow the reactivation of a “totally depressed” industry.

In the last four years (2019-2022) 239 investigative agents of the Public Ministry (MP) face processes before the entity’s Disciplinary Council. These are senior, circuit, and associate prosecutors. In total, the PM has 5 thousand 69 officials, of which 64.16% (3 thousand 252) have investigation tasks of possible crimes.

The modified loan portfolio stood at $8,289 million at the end of January, a figure that represents a decrease of $14,703 million or 64% when compared to the level of modified loans in January 2021, according to the Superintendence of Banks of Panama. Modified loans are those that took advantage of the relief measures during the pandemic.

The President of the Republic, Laurentino Cortizo , traveled to yesterday Monday, to participate in the IV Summit of the Alliance for Development in Democracy (ADD). Cortizo will address with his peers from Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic – who are also members of the ADD – issues on the common agenda in terms of politics, trade, development, as well as migration issues. Senior officials from the United States, regional banks and the private sector will also participate in this meeting, which will be in San José, in order to analyze the context of the region, reported the Presidency of the Republic.

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