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Tuesday 23rd April 2024.

April 23, 2024


Vivian Davila

With us on this mornings show, we have in the second your at 8:30 Vivian Davila who is the Public Affairs and communications for Ford Latin America and the Caribbean. And our topic is Ford celebrating International Planet Earth Day by announcing the call for its Ford Environmental Grants program.

  • In 2024, Ford Environmental Grants will distribute a total of $56,000 (USD) among community projects in Panama, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic that generate a positive impact on the environment.
  • Since its establishment in 2001, the Ford Environmental Grants program has contributed more than $2 million (USD) to hundreds of environmental projects in the region, promoting sustainable development and environmental conservation.

Panama, April 22, 2024 – Aware of the growing global priority for environmental protection and the importance of promoting the sustainability and conservation of natural resources, Ford has announced the call for its annual Ford Environmental Grants program for 2024, which will distribute a total of $56,000 (USD) among community projects that generate a positive impact on the environment in Panama, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic. This call will be open to receive proposals from Monday, April 22 until Friday, May 31 of this year.

The main objective of the Ford Environmental Grants program is to contribute to the conservation of the environment in the region, supporting non-profit organizations that promote sustainable development. To participate, interested parties can visit to access more details, rules and conditions of the program and complete the application form. Additionally, interested people can access this page to register for the webinar “Ford Environmental Grants 2024: How to prepare your proposal”, which will take place on Friday, May 10, 2024.


In the last hour today Brittany DeVries joins us, Brittany is Producer | Founder of Seedling Media Productions to talk about two productions:SHORT SYNOPSIS – PAN-AM: THE UNTOLD LEGACY OF CIRILO MCSWEEN is a story that champions the underdog while demonstrating the power of tenacity. It highlights the god-like heights to which great men can ascend to and the vulnerabilities that make them relatably human. PAN-AM spotlights the journey of Cirilo McSween from being an impoverished migrant from Panama, the obstacles he faced amid the racial segregation of the Jim Crow era, becoming the first Black insurance agent for New York Life Insurance, his work alongside Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. in addition to his international affairs efforts around the Panama Canal, and his eventual success as a McDonald’s franchisee. Cirilo’s story inspires and motivates us to be the best version of ourselves

Also CHACALERIA, a movie that I produced (with Seedling Media Productions), currently in Panamanian theaters.  SHORT SYNOPSIS – Chacaleria is a crime film about Antonia, a self-made entrepreneur who, after losing her livelihood to the COVID-19 pandemic, wants to secure her financial future by selling and distributing alcohol illegally using a drone during Panama’s nationally mandated dry law. This becomes increasingly difficult when Ronny, a by the book cop, who is forced to be corrupt, catches Antonia in the act and blackmails her into robbing a bank.

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