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Tuesday 24th March 2020. We chat about the need for blood donations and play some great music.

March 24, 2020

In the second hour today we chat over the phone with Marcela Vallarino from “Centro de Donacion de Sangre”. Not just about coronavirus but there has always been a system whereby blood is donated for a particular case, a friend or relative. This is slowly changing but need a drive by the government and not to just rely on foundations etc. you can find out all the information as to who can donate and the ways to make contact. on the website….

The Minister of Health, Rosario Turner, reported on Monday afternoon, March 23, that 345 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Panama.Turner explained that of that number there are 289 people in home isolation. There are a total of 50 hospitalized.

With some delay to the schedule, the President of the Republic, Laurentino Cortizo and his Vice President, José Gabriel Carrizo, began a virtual meeting with the heads of the political parties and their secretaries.

Behind closed doors, the Economy Commission of the National Assembly, approved the draft bill that establishes the suspension of payments of public services for four months while the health crisis due to the new coronavirus lasts.

The National Union of Customs Brokers of Panama (Uncap) requested that the state entities linked to the logistics chain digitize the processes to obtain import certificates, make payments and necessary procedures to expedite the clearance of cargo at ports and airports.

Energy demand has been stable in the last week, but with the variant that the residential sector is now requiring more electricity, as more people are at home due to commercial inactivity and the temporary closure of companies due to the expansion of the coronavirus (Covid-19).


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