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Tuesday 26th September 2023.

September 26, 2023


It is a busy morning today with two guests coming in to chat with us.

In the eight o’clock hour we welcome the Senior Vice President of Audubon Americas Mr Aurelio Ramos. The main topic is the ability to maintain the requirement to ensure that migatory birds have the resources to enable them to maintain their migatory needs. One of the main points in Panama is the protection of the mangroves along the Panama coast.

In the last hour we have with us Giampiero Roccio to talk about financial investments, and his experiences which lead him to his particular path. ” When I started my career in the investments industry, more than 30 yrs ago, I was soon made aware that the benefits of investing in the capital markets were huge and unique.

 But I was also disappointed seeing that those advantages were mostly available only the the already wealthy, for several reasons.  Along my career I worked in different positions in the investment services industry and it was clear to me which were the main reasons why ordinary people had problems with the access to the financial investments and so why they were at disadvantage. I made a promise to myself to work against this kind of inequality.

 So, with time and experience I became a relevant player un the development of investments products aimed at the general public in my country of origin, Venezuela, and I had very successful results, being able to manage the most important and widespread family of mutual funds in the country.

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