Tuesday 28th March 2017. Panama augmented reality game, healthy tip from Yoly

March 28, 2017

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Min and Ricardo Chen with Gerry

Interfase an augmented reality game from Panama encompassing a player experience with a commercial value. Ricardo and Min Chen who are behind the project join us in the last hour this morning to talk about the way it works. They are also travelling to Switzerland this weekend were the App will be included in a worldwide competition. Good Luck!

Yoly’s healthy tip and recipe of the week…..

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Brazilian construction company Norberto Odebrecht negotiated and paid compensation to the owners of properties affected by the construction of a third electrical transmission line, a public project licensed by the electric transmission company Etesa.

The failed attempt to tender the concession to operate a new port at the entrance of the Panama Canal in the Pacific now calls into question the way in which insider information is handled within the institution that operates the waterway

The tender published last week for the reconfiguration of the Corredor Norte and Corredor Sur at a cost of $25.6 million is being evaluated by users, engineers and organizations.

Five Colombians were detained and a shipment of drugs was seized as a result of an operation carried out yesterday by National Aeronautical Service (SENAN) and the US Coast Guard in Caribbean waters.

Supreme Court Chief Justice José Ayú Prado said yesterday that he is “looking for” the funds needed to implement the Judicial Career Law, which was approved in 2015 but which has yet to be implemented.

The Health Region of San Miguelito launched yesterday the 2017 School Health Program, in the Basic General Education Center José de San Martín, located in the district.

The international trade fair Expocomer 2017, held for four days in Panama, closed with 135 million dollars in commercial transactions, according to preliminary figures released yesterday by the organizers of the event.


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