Tuesday 28th May 2019. Subway initiative helping the starving. Foods boosting the immune system.

May 28, 2019

A great initiative carried out annually by the Subway chain of sandwich outlets. To talk to about it and to give some background we have the Marketing Manager Ana Cristina Diaz. They are

Ana Cristina Diaz & Gerry.On Friday the 31st all day they are

offering two for the price on one, for each sandwich you buy you will get one for an equal or less value completely free. Subway will donate the cost of the Sandwich to the Banco Alimentos Panama (the Panama food bank).

In the last hour, a we do on a Friday we chat with Sara our Feisty Foodie, this week it is about food to help boost the immune system. Especially as we are coming to that time of the year when we are more likely to catch the flu. Here is Sara’s list of the basics:

  1. Get vaccinated!! Plus getting a flu shot, is also a great idea especially for kids, elderly people and people with compromised immune systems
  2. Hand washing and practicing good hygiene in general
  3. Cleaning and sanitizing, disinfecting surfaces
  4. Keeping the air clean! (did you know you need to stand about 12.s feet away from someone who sneezes to be “our of the zone”.  Always make sure to cover your face when you sneeze or cough
  5. Exercising
  6. Drinking enough water (especially water with lemon)
  7. Getting enough sleep
  8. And …Eating foods that help prevent cold and flu, by making sure your defenses are high and you get enough Vitamin D, C, Zinc, fiber.

The plenary session of the  National Assembly was installed on Monday, May 27 to begin the extraordinary sessions convened by the Executive Body to discuss 12 issues, including pending ratifications. However, the plenary did not debate.

The new witness in the oral trial of former President of the Republic  Ricardo Martinelli for the case of wiretapping detailed on Monday May 27 part of his report on the transcription of 34 audio files and videos of politicians and journalists victims of espionage.

The president-elect of Panama, Laurentino Cortizo , together with his team, met on Monday, May 27, with members of the  Council of the National Agreement for Development.

The  Ministry of Public Works (MOP) and the Italian construction company Astaldi accuse each other of the delay in executing the four-lane extension of the Omar Torrijos highway , a project of $ 89.1 million.

A total of 319 drug packages seized and two people arrested was the result of a police operation that occurred early Monday morning, in the sector of Guango, on the coast of the province of Colon.

The Ministry of Health and the National Commission of Tobacco Control announced Monday the walk race and family health fair “A todo el Lung” , through which seeks to promote healthy lifestyle, through healthy recreation and prevention of diseases.

Those living in Colon held activities during the month of the black ethnic group in the second phase of the Paseo Marino, but after the heavy rain that fell in the capital of the province, this Sunday, May 26, the area was flooded.

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