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Tuesday 3rd May 2022.

May 3, 2022


After a nice relaxing three day weekend, it is back to work. Our guest with us this morning, join by phone is Chris Young who has started a great project working with Autistic and Down syndrome people and finding them employment. In Chris’s words “Boquete inclusion is a program that is committed to training and job placing special needs people. We train them with a skill in the restaurant industry with the goal of finding employment for them.
We currently have 6 in training and 3 working. We have 12 chefs in boquete committed to helping in the training, hiring and success of this program. We are fairly new (about 3 months) and it’s growing at a rate that is incredible, we are currently working with Down syndrome and autistic people. For more information write us @boqueteinclusion on IG.

Yazmin takes a look at this day in music and two great artists James Brown and Frankie Valli.  Here is a classic 1960’s Four Seasons track of course with Frankie Valli….

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