Tuesday 4th June 2019. Salsa at the Holiday Inn and the Art of Ceviche.

June 4, 2019


you enjoy a bit of Salsa dancing we have just the thing for you. On Friday at the Holiday Inn hotel at the City of Knowledge it’s Salsa night! Ada the events manager is here to tell us all about it an as for the music? “In the musical repertoire of the band, the

Ada Rodriguez, Gerry, Giovanna.

best salsa pieces of all time will be highlighted, performing songs by artists such as: Oscar de León, Grupo Niche, Maelo Ruiz, Mark Anthony, among others; creating a unique tropical environment for salsa dancers”.


Being Tuesday we have our Feisty Foodie Sara Solomon with us and Sara’s guest Chef Roberto Richa from the restaurant “5inco”. The topic is that traditional Panamanian dish Ceviche. There are so many variations on this relatively simple dish and explaining all about it and his specialty Chef Robert.

Roberto Richa, Sara, Gerry.

Prosecutor Aurelio Vásquez revealed that  in the trial of Ricardo Martinelli the protected witness has indicated that a third team was used, however, this was not in the facilities of the National Security Council (CSN), but in the upper part of a supermarket.

Medical staff at the Children’s Hospital Dr. José Renán Esquivel reported Monday that the child under five years of age who entered the burn unit of the hospital with severe burns continues to be in a “very critical” state.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office reiterated that it was investigating ex officio the gas explosion at  PH Costa Mare, which left one fatal victim and 13 injured.

Representatives of Huawei Technologies Co., LTD. Panama division , informed the Consumer Protection and Defense of Competition Authority (Acodeco) that their clients in Panama “will continue to receive updates and security patches from Google Play.”

As of this Monday, June 3, an identification card will be issued to new lawyers who request their credentials.

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