Tuesday 7th July 2020.

July 7, 2020

The cases of the new coronavirus in the country increased to 39,334, after 1,185 new positive cases were registered in the last 24 hours, the Ministry of Health (Minsa) reported on Monday.The epidemiological report informs that the deaths increased to 770  meaning that 23 occurred in the last 24 hours.

Brothers Ricardo Alberto and Luis Enrique Martinelli Linares were detained in Guatemala on Monday, following a request for extradition to the United States, where they are required in a case of alleged conspiracy to commit money laundering.

Former President Ernesto Pérez Balladares wanted to seize all the printing equipment and paper, among other equipment, necessary for the printing of the newspapers La Prensa and Mi Diario, as part of the civil lawsuit that he filed eight years ago against Corporación La Prensa, SA (Corprensa).

Of the thousand and 83 alerts that have been received at the Colón Regional Operation Center (COR), 79% have been attended by the Primary Care Prosecutor of the Public Ministry.

A possible extension of the price control measure for another six months creates fear among producers. “If the President does not announce a change or eliminates this regulation, let us forget that he will do so later, and we already know that we have to live for the rest of the four years with this measure that is so damaging to national production,” said Augusto Jiménez , highland producer.

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