Wednesday 10th August 2022.

August 10, 2022


As of August 15, the prices of 170 medicines will drop by 30% in pharmacies, announced the President of the Republic, Laurentino Cortizo, on the afternoon of this Tuesday. He said that he approved a resolution on the recommendation of the special technical table for drugs so that this reduction is extended for six months. “Today is a historic day because this is very important news for the country, for all Panamanians because the health unions, the private sector, patient associations and the National Government have reached an important consensus,” said Cortizo. Retirees will also have their additional 20% discount.

Several business associations and cooperatives in the country asked the Government to guarantee the free movement of Panamanians for today Wednesday, , the day on which members of the Single Union of Construction and Allied Workers (Suntracs) will resume picketing. “The closure announcements that have been made for Wednesday are a provocation. Really, if we are still in the process of dialogue, if they are sitting at that dialogue table, then why do we have to fall for these threats?”, said Marcela Galindo, the president of the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture, In her opinion, these measures “make no sense” since several sectors have been in talks with the government for several weeks. “We are completely opposed to this position.”

Temístocles Rosas took office as president of the Panamanian Association of Business Executives ( Apede ) this Tuesday, in a ceremony held at the headquarters of the business association. Rosas referred to the single dialogue table, which is being held in Penonomé, Coclé, between the Government and the groups that led the protests during the month of July, including construction workers and educators. The private sector has insisted on the need to be part of the dialogue, but so far they have not been included. “We have not yet entered the table. We are still being told about a second stage”, of which it is still unknown when it would start and what it would be about. Meanwhile, decisions are already being made in the first phase, without the participation of the productive sector. “For us it is very unfortunate, we are unaware of the agreements that are taking place at that negotiating table”. Meanwhile, some groups are announcing mobilizations for today, due to the alleged breach by the Government of what was agreed at the table. Rosas said that on the one hand it reflects that there is no capacity to comply with some of the agreements, for example that an entrepreneur is not going to sell below his cost.

The Panamanian Consumer Confidence Index (ICCP) registered 76 percentage points in July, a decrease of 11 points, compared to those reported last May. According to the data revealed this Tuesday, by the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama (Cciap) and The Marketing Group, the four indicators that are evaluated reflected a decrease. The Department of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health (Minsa) reported 2,859 cases of dengue throughout the country. The figure corresponds from the first epidemiological week (January 2) to No. 30 (which ended on Saturday, July 30). Of the 2,859 registered cases, the report highlighted that 2,538 occurred without warning signs; 312 cases with warning signs; 9 are serious cases and one death.

Residents of Campo Limberg, in Juan Díaz, held a protest this Tuesday, in defense of a wetland in the area, which according to them represents one of the few green spaces in the community and protects them from flooding. Edilma González, one of the community spokespersons, stressed that their struggle is focused on the conservation of the wetland, which over time has been losing space and now they observe the presence of a company carrying out work and earthworks in the area. “For 35 years, this green space has prevented us from flooding during the rains, since it becomes a reservoir of water and all of it flows into it. It is also a reserve for wildlife,” González pointed out.In the words of the activist, they are a group of communities including Campo Limberg, Villa del Sol, Reparto Nuevo Panamá, El Romeral and others that would be affected by any project or development in that area.

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