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Wednesday 10th March 2021.

March 10, 2021

It is movie review day, we missed Andres last week but he is back on form as we take a look at two movies, “Raya and the last Dragon” and “Coming 2 America”

What does Andres think? Raya and the last Dragon….. ” Disney is a studio that still produces films by committee and Raya is no different; they have 4 co-directors, couple of writers and a plethora of story developers, but, they manage to hire some of the best at their craft, so when you have time, money, talent and hard work you normally have great success.  Raya and the Last Dragon is a beautiful film that is incredibly fun for the whole family, which will have the little ones asking about Dragons and the adults in happy tears for its themes of trust and community.”



Coming 2 America…. “The beauty of Coming to America was the fish out of water story of Akeem and his heart of gold. Sadly the sequel seems more like an Adam Sandler romp, in which now Eddie Murphy brings all his friends for the ride. The film is full of references to the classic 1980’s rom com, but sadly the audience laughs at the reference to the old movie and not the story of the sequel. If you miss Akeem and company, Coming 2 America can be fun, but it cannot stand on its own merits.”



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