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Wednesday 12th August 2020

August 12, 2020


Time to catch up with Andres Clemente. What have we been watching over the last week. Andres took a look at Scooby, I join the Umbrella Academy and we are both still watching Downton Abbey!





In the last hour we chat with Maria Lucia Aleman, we are talking about an initiative to improve inequities in both the Coffee industry and the Arts.  Cafetalera Central, today CREATIVA COFFEE DISTRICT, is located in the municipality of Dolega, Chiriquí Province, Panama.

 CCD produces specialty coffees in Panama under a collaborative model with a community that uses art as a manifestation of change to encourage and promote transformation in 3 main axes: Industry, Production, and Consumption.

 For CCD, art is the ideal medium to communicate its disruptive culture and its desire to be an agent of change in the specialty coffee industry.

 The CCD Art Program focuses on an independent and experimental space, where artists can explore, exchange, and express themselves through different formats and themes intertwined with coffee.

 CCD is committed to being an artistic and cultural meeting point for the area. To become a platform for national and regional artists that complement the area by including community projects.

 At the same time, we are developing a cultural program to share these artistic processes and community projects with the public.

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